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What to take on a multi-day trip

When preparing for a multi-day trip it is important to think of the essentials. Especially because some of them are required by European law!

Hereby a (non-exhaustive) list of the things to think of for your trip, assuming you’re not sleeping in a tent.


ID (passport / EU ID)
Driving license
Cash / Credit cards / bank cards
Alcohol test (must-have in France!)
Motorcycle insurance (green paper)
Personal health insurance (card, etc)


Lunch / sandwiches 1st day
A themo-bag can help getting your food throughout the day


Navigation system with up-to-date maps and routes
Lock for the motorcycle overnight
Tyre repair kit
Basic instruments (if needed)
EHBO kit (medical kit, required in BE, DE)


Motorcycle jacket / trousers
Rain gear (jacket, trousers layer, etc)
Extra thermo layer (optional)

Note: Cardo has FW updates on Cardo Systems
Cardo SmartSet App is required to get connectivity with other riders!

Yellow reflective vest
Second pair of gloves (in case of rain)
Pair of dispensable (kitchen) elastic gloves (in case of rain)
Clothes change per day
A (plastic) bag for dirty clothes!

Walking gear

When you stop, go for a dinner, etc, it is good to have some comfortable clothes with you.
Shoes for walking
(Motorcycle) jeans for walking around
Hat/cap for sun/wind
Running / walking gear (for fanatics :))
Small backpack or bag for keeping necessary things with you when off-motorcycle


Sun, hand, etc creme
Medicine (if any)


Camera (optional)
Charger/cable(s) for phones, camera, etc
Notebook (optional, but some cannot live without; may be handy for offloading all those pictures and videos in the evening!)


Small (Swiss) knife. The more blades the better :)
Small screw-driver for glasses, etc. Those things tend to show wear and tear when it is least handy…

Note that you can use the list above online while packing, just tick those checkboxes!