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Stop war in Ukraine!

I never thought I would write this. I don’t think anybody in his or her right mind would think this would happen. It did… and it became horror reality of today…

For the first half of my life I lived in Ukraine where I was born and raised. It never made a difference for me whether somebody spoke Russian or Ukrainian. I spoke back in the language I was spoken to. It never mattered to me were people came from or what religion they profess. But reality was changed by mad-men greedy for power. Twisted minds decided to invade Ukraine because Ukrainians dared to make choice and live their lives. War is the crime against humanity and no rhetorics or twisting of history can be the reason to start a war in which innocent people die and lives of generations are broken.

Today my friends woke up because of the explosions, my family is locked down in a city being attacked by hostile military forces, young people die defending the land of their grand-grandfathers from invaders under the command of a lying mad-man.

World need to stop this madness! Stop war in Ukraine! Save peoples lives!

For information in The Netherlands see here.

God save Ukraine!
Слава Україні!

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